What Are the 3 Main Body Types

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Did you know that there are 3 main body types? After reading this text I hope you will understand why some people are lean all their lives, why some struggle with excess weight all their lives and why some have muscles without exercise. 

It is very important that after you recognize your own body type in one of the below 3 body types, you adjust your diet and training to the same, otherwise you could significantly slow down your progress! Also, don’t despair if you’re not genetically gifted, it just means you’ll have to work harder!

3 Main body Types

  1. Ectomorph

The ectomorph type is mostly tall and thin with small joints and a small waist. He is slender by nature and generally never has a problem with excess weight throughout his life. Most ectomorphs can maintain a very low fat percentage without training anything. Ectomorphs have a fast metabolism, meaning, whatever they eat they “burn”, so they can practically eat what they want all their lives! 

Their disadvantage is that it is very difficult for them to gain muscle mass. If an ectomorph does aerobic training, it loses weight very quickly and loses that little muscle it has, so I do not recommend this type of training if you belong to that group. The ectomorph must constantly eat and train properly if his goal is to build and retain muscle!

Characteristics of ectomorphs 

Naturally lean, long limbs, small joints, small bones, small waist, narrow shoulders, naturally slender, very fast metabolism, likes a high-carbohydrate diet, energetic and hyperactive, likes endurance sports, very hard to gain muscle mass, sometimes has sleeping problems.

If ectomorphs want to gain muscle mass, the high-intensity weight training with a small number of sets, max 3x a week works best for them.

  1. Mesomorph

The mesomorph is naturally slender and muscular with a small waist, broad shoulders and medium-sized joints. He is a naturally born athlete and bodybuilder. Everyone envies the mesomorph because he can easily gain muscle and lose fat. These are people who look perfect without too much effort.

Characteristics of mesomorphs:

Medium-sized joints, small waist, broad shoulders, chest dominates above the abdomen, naturally slender, naturally muscular, naturally strong, large amounts of energy, well tolerated carbohydrates, fast metabolism, and responds quickly to any type of training.

  1. Endomorph

Most people who exercise hard but again struggle with weight fall into the endomorph type. Endomorphs have a slow metabolism that easily stores fat. They are usually, but not always, broad at the shoulders with medium and large joints. They generally have poor resistance to carbohydrates, so they prefer a diet with a lower percentage of carbohydrates. 

White flour and sugar are especially dangerous for endomorphs. The endomorph must watch what he eats all his life, which requires great discipline and renunciation. The endomorph will find it difficult to lose weight with diet alone, he must train regularly. Sometimes you need to combine low carb days with high carb days to start your slow metabolism. This body type needs the most effort to achieve results!

Endomorph characteristics:

Although you will probably recognize yourself in one of these 3 main body types, we almost always have some characteristics from several body types. A lot of times you can’t know what kind of body a person has, especially if they exercise for a long time, because their body has certainly changed over time. One thing is for sure; you have to learn to listen to your own body, and see what works best for you! And now it’s your turn, what type of body do you have?

Naturally high levels of body fat, large bones, large joints, short arms and legs (not always), pear-shaped body, wide waist and hips, waist dominates above the chest, small amounts of energy, slow metabolism, good strength levels, sensitive to carbohydrates, likes a high-protein diet more, falls asleep easily and has a deep sleep, responds best to frequent, daily workouts.


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