The 10 Best Diet and Fitness Apps of 2021

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Most people start their new year with one common resolution i.e. getting fitter. But lose interest in the mid itself because of lack of motivation. So to keep you motivated, I have some interesting apps for you, which will keep you hooked to the health and fitness routine. These are the top best diet and fitness apps in 2021 I found to be very helpful.

1. Best Calorie Counter App: My Fitness Pal

This app is a blessing for those who want to lose weight strictly by following a diet plan. The thing I learnt from this app is how to calculate daily calories, and how much is actually needed to maintain proper weight. It is very easy to track daily calories and manage them well with my fitness pal.

My Fitness Pal download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Free for basic & $9.99/month or 49.99/year for premium version.

2. Best App for tracking macros: MyMacros+

This is personally my favorite app for keeping count of my macros. This app is very user friendly, and you can add food items by simply taking a snap or searching from its vast database. It helps in calculating calories, and hence a must use app for those people who want to try flexible dieting.

MyMacros+ download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Free for basic & $1.99/month or $19.99/year for My Macros+ Pro Access.

3. Best App for Overall Fitness: Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club App offers hundreds of free workouts including yoga, stretching,strength and speed. The app has been here over a decade and it’s no no wonder that Nike Training Club is still among one of the 10 best fitness apps in 2021. I found the number of fitness videos and tutorials the most amazing thing in this app. It is like having my own personal trainer in my pocket.

Nike Training Club download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Free

4. Best App for Weightlifting: FitBod

I liked this app for strength training, because it doesn’t assume that I have all sorts of gym equipment at my place, which sadly most of the apps do. When I started using this app, it asked me to select equipment available with me, and made a routine according to the things available. Using Fitbod is like having your own personal trainer.

FitBod download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: $9.99/per month or $59.99/per year

5. Best for Mental Health: Headspace

Headspace is not actually for physical fitness, but rather for mental health. This is an amazing app, and it helped me in learning about meditation and mental exercises. I would recommend this app to people who aren’t able to deal with anxiety and depression. This app is the answer key to all the stress problems.

Headspace download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: $12.99/per month or $69.99/per year

6. Best App for Running: Strava

Strava is an app for the people who love running. I am not very fond of running, but this app surely worked fine. It tracks speed, distance, route, as well as elevation. It also gives away trophies for personal records.

Strava download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Free for basic & $5.00/month or $59.99/year for a premium version.

7. Best App for Beginners: Apple Fitness +

Launched recently, Apple Fitness+ has a diverse group of world-class trainers, it is easy to use and you can connect it to your Apple Watch. Great choice for beginners and for sure one of the best diet and fitness apps in 2021.

Apple Fitness+ download: Apple App Store 

Price: $9.99/month or $79.99/year.

8. Best App for Overall Health: 8fit

8fit is yet another health app that has a personal trainer and nutritionist in one. 8fit creates custom workouts and meal plans based on your goals. So this app is specially for those who like custom tailored plans.

8fit download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: $79.99/year.

9. Best App for Yoga: Yoga Studio

This app is best if you are planning to start yoga. I liked the illustrative videos and library of different poses. It also plays background music to set the right mood for the yoga session.

Yoga Studio download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Prices vary depending on country, monthly and annual memberships. 

10. Best App for HIIT Workouts: 7 minute Workout

As the name says, the workout program in this app only takes 7 min every day. I liked this app because it fits in my routine well, without wanting me to make too many changes.

7min Workout download: Apple App Store & Google Play Store

Price: Free


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