Best Home Exercise Equipment for Weight Loss in 2021

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I have been going to the gym for many years, but since the gyms are closed due to a pandemic, I thought of buying some basic home equipment that will help me with my weight loss.

It will certainly save me money in the long term, and more importantly once gyms are open it will save my time (no driving to and back from the gym, no wasting time in chatting, no waiting for equipment, etc.). That thought inspired me to home exercise equipment for $200. These are the best home exercise equipment for weight loss I have included in my home gym:

Yoga Mat

I planned on including a yoga mat because of its versatile usage. With this in my gym, I can include floor exercises, yoga, as well as meditation in my workout routine.

Jump Rope

By adding a jump rope to my home gym, I could strengthen my cardio workout. Jumping rope has become a very good asset in my gym, and easy on my pockets.

Foam Roller

I still feel that adding a foam roller was the most intelligent thing I did. It helps me in relieving soreness, improving mobility, reducing muscle pain, and easing tension.

Door Mounted Pull-up Bar

Pull-ups are a must in a routine for sexy back and great looking arms. And so a pull-up bar was a must for me. I went for a door mounted pull-up bar, as it fits well with my limited space and gives me multiple grips.

Resistance Bands

These bands come handy in my home gym as well as in my travel workout equipment. While lifting, resistance bands provide constant tension; hence, maximizes the time under tension, and that helps in building muscles.


best home exercise equipment for weight loss

I consider investing in kettle bells was a smart decision. It helps in adding so many variations in my workout routine. It helps in a quick entire body workout.

Medicine Ball

Including medicine balls to my home gym helps me in mixing cardio with resistance moves. Addition of this equipment changed my monotonous gym routine.

Pilates Ball

The next addition was Pilates ball.  It was necessary for stimulating abdominal and lower back muscles. It also helps in stimulating small stability muscles in your body, along with the other muscles.


best home exercise equipment for weight loss

A set of dumbbells is the first thing you think of when planning for a gym. You can go for either adjustable dumbbells or individual weights dumbbells, the choice entirely depends on you.


This was the last thing needed in my gym for leg and thigh exercise. Using a stepper is the best way for thigh muscles and hamstring’s workout.

These 10 things are the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. Surprisingly all these things were available within $200. However, if you are willing to spend some extra dollars, then you can also go for TRX, workout bench, power rack, and so on. This list will never end as long as you are ready to pay.

So this is how I set up my gym by buying the best home exercise equipment for weight loss. I hope you find it useful, and try building your own gym too.



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