The Best Circuit Home Leg Workout

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For this circuit leg workout, you do not need any equipment and you can do the training at home or outdoors. With this training we will focus on the muscles of the lower extremities:

  • calves
  • lower back
  • quadriceps
  • adductors
  • abductors
  • gluteus

Since we are constantly on the move, our leg muscles are used to carrying our body weight and can sometimes be “stubborn” when it comes to their growth. For this reason, they need to be further activated by various exercises to stimulate their growth.

Circuit Home Leg Workout of 8 Exercises

This type of short workout is great when you don’t have a lot of time or just want to include something different in your daily routine. With training that activates the muscles of the lower extremities, you can combine training for the upper body and do them alternately every second or third day to work evenly on the development of the muscles of the whole body.

The training consists of 8 exercises that are conducted in a circuit mode, which means that after you do one exercise you switch to another after a short rest. Our goal is to make two rounds, but if you’re a beginner try finishing one round.

As you progress you can make different variations in your workout by increasing the number of reps or the number of rounds.

The training program is the following:

  • Squat-jumps – 20 reps
  • Single-leg deadlift – 10 rep with each leg
  • Lounges – 10 reps with each leg
  • Wall-sit – 30 seconds
  • Bulgarian squat – 10 reps with each leg
  • Single-leg glute bridge – 10 reps with each leg
  • High knee skips – 10 reps with each leg
  • Side step – 10 reps with each leg

The rest phase between exercises is 20 seconds and between rounds 2 minutes.

When you’re done with training don’t forget to stretch to avoid cramping or muscle inflammation.


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