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EMOM training, or “every minute on minute”, is an interval type of workout that emerged as a variant of HIIT training. The principle of this method is doing one workout round, that includes work and rest and lasts one minute. At the start signal, you should do the set number of repetitions of the exercise, the rest of the time until the end of the minute take a break, and repeat until the time for the training is over.

You probably think that this kind of training is not too challenging because after each round you have a rest phase in which the body manages to recover enough that the next round is not a problem. 

When programming EMOM training, the number of repetitions and the complexity of the exercise should be taken into account. The desired effect will not be achieved if you set yourself a small number of repetitions just to make sure you have enough time to rest until the start of the next round. It is always better to add more repetition to the rounds to give muscles a good stimulus during workout and still have enough time for a short rest.

Only one exercise with more repetitions can be included in one round, but you can also have three different exercises with fewer repetitions to engage the whole body in a short amount of time. It is common for EMOM workouts to last between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on your abilities.

Below we will give three EMOM training examples that can be done anywhere because they do not require any equipment.  

EMOM Training Example 1 – 20 minutes

Repeat 10 times without breaks between sets (rest lasts until the minute expires):

1st minute – 20 squat-jumps

2nd minute – 20 scissor switches

EMOM Training Example 2 – 10 minutes

Repeat 10 times without breaks between sets (rest lasts until the end of the minute):

1st minute – 5 burpees, 6 lounges, 7 push-ups

EMOM Training Example 3 – 10 minutes (with kettlebell or dumbbell)

Repeat 5 times without breaks between sets (rest lasts until the minute expires):

1st minute – 10 reps of deadlift

2nd minute – 10 reps of shoulder press

EMOM training is a great way to do a short, fast and intense workout when you don’t have a lot of time. Even if you don’t have a kettlebell or a pair of dumbbells, you can always choose bodyweight exercises.

The possibilities in programming EMOM training are endless and each workout can be different. You can change the exercises, the number of repetitions or the duration of the training. You can use EMOM at all times, and feel free to let your imagination run wild.


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