The Best Healthy Grocery List for Weight Loss on a Budget

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Everybody goes grocery shopping and while it might not be too much fun, it is less fun to stay hungry. So unless you plan to eat out every day you definitely need to do your grocery shopping. For that reason I have prepared a healthy grocery list for weight loss on a budget.

I cannot afford not to do my groceries and here is why. I am on a flexible diet which includes a large amount of proteins, healthy fats, smart carbs and vegetables at every meal. I know what you are thinking. It’s not easy to follow such a diet religiously and I haven’t. I’m human after all. I have my cheat days on which I satisfy some of my cravings and no, I don’t feel guilty after I do because I make sure that even when I’m pigging out it is done within the limits of my macros. 

The figures of my macros change according to my fitness goals at the time- cutting, bulking or maintaining. I’m done with the cutting part of my goals and now I’m in the bulking part of it. This means that I need to build up my muscles and become stronger so I’m on a calorie sufficient diet. 

I take the plunge and do my grocery shopping every week at the local grocery store and while I’m there, I try to get as much organic food as possible. The rest of the things I need such as vitamins and supplements, I buy online. But while I’m at the grocery store, here is a list of the things I buy according to their different food groups. 

Healthy Grocery List for Weight Loss on a Budget


Proteins are a major part of my diet on a normal basis but while I am in the bulking stage of my fitness plan, I need the proteins now more than ever because one of the major functions of proteins is to help in the building up of your body. So, proteins are at the top of my list when I go grocery shopping. For my protein needs, I get foods like:

1. Chicken breast and thighs

2. Steaks 

3. Fish

4. Turkey burgers

5. Ground beef

6. Turkey breast

7. Eggs

8. Tuna in cans 

The meats listed above are very healthy because they have a very high protein content, low fat content and are rich in the necessary vitamins and minerals that I need. 


Another food group that I always enjoy eating from is fruits and vegetables. Mostly the vegetables though. I enjoy my vegetables. Next to protein for me are the vegetables because they are rich in dietary fibre and aid in the synthesis of red blood cells by the folate acid. Well, here is a list of the vegetables that I get for myself almost every week:

1. tomatoes, 

2. cauliflower, 

3. broccoli,

4. mushrooms,

5. asparagus,

6. sweet potatoes

7.  apples

8. bananas

9. blueberries

10. onions

11. garlic

12. green beans

13.  zucchini

14. lemon

The vegetables listed above are a part of my diet because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. They have a very low caloric content and are full of fibre which keeps me feeling full. It also reduces the rate at which sugar is absorbed into my body. 

There are many other things that I love and need to get for my healthy diet because they are very important. Most of them are gotten online and they span across so many different food groups. From bread to oils and rice, the list is not centered on one food group. Here are the contents of that last list:

Joseph’s low carb pita: The low carb pita bread is made of pita to give you a healthy, reduced carb, high protein bread. If you want to get healthy bread or pancakes, check out Joseph’s bakery here

Modern Bakery Protein bread (low carb bread): This is another bread made from healthy materials and has a large protein content. 

Coconut Oil: I get coconut oils for cooking because it contains a lot of natural saturated fats or healthy cholesterol to keep my heart healthy. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The extra Virgin olive oil is one of the few things that contains monounsaturated fats in a concentrated quantity which is healthy for us. 

Steel cut oats: The steel cut oatmeal is very healthy because of its high fibre content and slow digestion time that helps to monitor my appetite.

Basmati rice: Basmati rice is healthy because of its very low amount of calories and low starch content. 

Brown rice: Brown rice is rice whose hulls and bran have not been removed. This makes the rice rich in grain, protein, Fibre and vitamins. 

Quinoa: Quinoa is a very healthy grain because of its high level of monounsaturated fats and the omega3 fatty acids it contains. It also contains all of the essential amino acids that my body needs. 

Nut butters (peanut, almond), raw nuts and seeds: This group consists of nut butters such as almond butter and peanut butter which replace normal butter and any other bread spread because of its low sugar and calorie content and its high protein content. The raw nuts as well as the seeds have the same nutrition value and can be used as healthy snacks when you feel like chewing on something. 

Unsweetened vanilla almond milk: The unsweetened vanilla flavored almond milk contains a small quantity of fat which isn’t saturated and is healthy for the heart. 

Puer tea: Puer tea is a healthier version of the green tea that aids in digestion and reduces stress.

Whey protein: Whey protein powder is a protein powder made from the waste product of cheese production. It contains a lot of Protein and helps in the building of muscles. 

Casein: The casein protein powder is another type of Protein powder that aids in the control of appetite and bodybuilding. 

BCAA: The branched chain amino acids is almost indispensable for exercise. It helps to rejuvenate the body, reduce muscle soreness and induce protein synthesis. 

Vitamins: These essential nutrients are important for the day to day wellbeing. 

I hope you enjoyed the healthy grocery list for weight loss on a budget and that it inspired you to make yours today. 


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