How to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Fat

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There are various reasons as to why many people especially women employ various strategies to remain strong, lean and healthy. One of the reasons is that they want to have an attractive body shape and be able to feel like other women. Therefore, they tend to employ various lifestyles such as ensuring that they feed on a certain diet and also doing training. They not only do this to improve their shape but also leading a healthy lifestyle also helps women to have good moods and better sleep. Also, training helps in boosting their memory and creativity. It also helps to reduce the risk of developing various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, women should employ some key methods as I will describe below on how to build lean muscle and lose fat.

Key Methods to Build Lean Muscle and Lose Fat


What is nutrition? I think I should start from there. The actual meaning is the process through which we ingest different types of nutrients and process it to meet the body needs and functions. Therefore, as everyone would think, good nutrition is very key to adopt as a healthy lifestyle in ensuring that a woman will be fit and have a strong and lean body. 

Therefore, I will advise women to ensure they take a balanced meal which will help you build a lean muscle. Therefore, they will need to ensure that they feed on the following nutrients and in a balanced way. Remember that nutrition is crucial in building lean muscle and losing fat.

what is the difference between weight loss and fat loss


I hope you are keen to know more about how you should feed on protein to achieve your goal of having a lean body. It has been shown that for you to lose weight you have to check on the caloric intake, however, according to research, I am here to tell you that the types of calories matter. It has been shown from research that proteins play a role in helping lose weight. 

I will explain to you how this works. It was shown that when you feed on more proteins and reduce fat intake, there is a possibility of losing weight more than a person who feeds on a less amount of proteins. This is evidence-based and therefore it will be necessary to employ a healthy lifestyle to achieve a lean body mass. This is because proteins result in a decrease in appetite and hence fewer calories intake. 

Another way that I will explain this is that proteins usually help to keep the metabolism rate high. Proteins have been shown to generate more energy than carbohydrates and fat and therefore, more energy from proteins is likely to be produced in the form of heat and given off compared to that from fats and carbohydrates which is usually stored. 

Therefore, when restricting caloric intake, you are not likely to get rid of the fat but what happens is weight loss is usually due to consumption of proteins and proteins that are channeled as the new sources of energy. I advise that you make sure you feed on at least 0.5-1 g of protein usually calculated for every pound of your body weight. The best proteins should include the white part of the egg, fish and dairy products which have less fat.


Feeding on vegetables is a good healthy lifestyle that helps women to build lean muscle and lose fat. First, vegetables have fewer calories and therefore, what they usually contain are vitamins and even fibers and different types of minerals. 

This has a lot of advantages especially in digestion and also to develop a lean body due to the types of nutrients contained. Examples of vegetables include the spinach, broccoli, parsley and many others.

Timing of carbohydrates

There is a need to ensure that you time your intake of carbohydrates. First, you should note the normal range required is between 10-15 calories per pound. Therefore, you should take in the morning before getting into work or before exercise and this usually helps to replenish the muscle glycogen. Therefore, when you take and don’t do any exercise it is converted into fats.

Essential fats

Not all fats are bad. Some fats will help you to feel full longer. Therefore, I will advise you to ensure that you try fish oil or seed oils. This as a healthy lifestyle will help you to ensure that your body utilizes the stored fat and hence helps to achieve a lean body. (0.3 g per pound).


It is very advisable that you employ good exercising habits to help you build lean muscle and lose fat. There are various types of exercises that will help you to achieve a lean and healthy body. They include doing the circuit type of exercise or even sprinting for some minutes.


After exercise or training to achieve a lean body, the muscles will need some time to recover from tears. One of the ways that I recommend is to ensure that you use, for example ice baths, There is also the role of magnesium supplementation and use of anti-inflammatory diets such as vegetables and salmon.

Staying hydrated

Hydration is very crucial in building lean muscle and losing fat. The role of water is well known. It plays a very good role in metabolism, digestion and even in the transport of various nutrients.

how to build lean muscle and lose fat

Getting enough sleep

Sleep is very important in that it helps in allowing a good digestion process. It has been shown that poor sleep usually affects fat cells and also makes you crave for certain foods. This is unhealthy and therefore there is a need to have good sleep for you to achieve a lean body.

Stress management and positive mindset

You cannot underestimate the power of stress in hindering you to achieve a lean body. First, you should note that it causes the release of stress hormones. When you are stressed you find it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle and at the same time, it may make you overeat to get rid of emotions. Therefore, it is important that you try to control. Another thing is having a positive mindset; this will help to keep on even if it becomes a challenge to remain in training.

If you want to build lean muscle and lose fat follow the methods above. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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