How To Improve Yourself In Life

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Are you looking on how to improve yourself in life? There is always something we can improve on ourselves. Our potential is without limits, so it’s impossible to reach a point of no growth.

I am a passionate advocate of personal growth and I am constantly looking for ways to self-improve. I have compiled 15 of my best tips that might help you with your personal growth in just 8 weeks. Some of them are simple steps which you can engage in immediately and for some you might need to put in more effort.

15 Tips on How to Improve Yourself in Life

  1. Uninstall Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and others. Those apps are a trap. This time can be much better spent on other self-improvement activities.
  2. Mute notifications of all unnecessary apps in your phone, including the chat apps (WhatsApp, Viber). Check your phone at a specific time when you want to chat and have the time for it.
  3. Start spending some time alone. We tend to spend a lot of time with people who waste our time.
  4. Start reading books to open your mind. When you’re reading books on a daily basis, you will feed your brain with more knowledge and wisdom.
  5. Practice delayed gratification. Instant pleasures such as junk food, shopping or sleep, are sufferings in the long run.
  6. Do some physical activity every day, whether it’s playing sports, strength training, jogging or hiking. Schedule it in advance.
  1. Take a rest. Relax and recharge yourself for what’s up ahead. 
  2. Forgive others and you’ll be at peace. If you’re holding some unhappiness or grievance from the past it will prevent you from moving on and improving yourself.
  3. Be stubborn with your priorities. Get out of the things you don’t want to do or don’t have time for the simple way – Just say “NO”.
  4. Stay away from negative people. Do not spend too much with them if you feel they pull you down.
  5. Learn that skill you’ve always wanted. It may be anything like, playing ukulele, learning to code, martial arts etc.
  6. Meet new people. The ones that are likely to lift you up and inspire you.
  7. Don’t waste time. Your schedule is sacred. Be productive and use a timer for everything.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone by starting doing things that scare you everyday. Go on stage. Write a book. Start a business. Anything at all. Just feel the fear and do it anyway.
  9. And finally, enjoy the journey of self-improvement.

Don’t you feel better already? Start implementing these simple steps on how to improve yourself in life and I guarantee you will be happier and healthier in just 8 weeks. 


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