How to Workout On Vacation

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Vacations are for letting yourself free from the daily routine, including the workout schedule. I feel the same way, but even then, I meet my fitness goal. So how to workout on vacation?

7 Tips on How to Workout on Vacation

  1. By Changing Expectations

The most important thing is accepting that I’m on my vacations and I cannot follow my whole workout regime here. So the very first thing I do is to lower my expectations. Even 40-50 percent of daily workout is enough for vacation workout.

  1. By Including Lots Of Cardio

This is something I can easily incorporate without thinking twice. Some of my all-time favourites are:

  • Biking – Rent a bike and explore the beautiful place on long bike rides. This is the most fun way to include cardio workout into the vacation mood. This helps in burning calories without even thinking of it.
  • Swimming – Hotel pools are the best place to relax and rejuvenate. Swimming for a lap or two is all you need to do for burning a few calories.
  • Hiking – This is my favourite vacation workout and I always make sure to build my itinerary in a way that a day is reserved for hiking. One tends to burn two times more calories by simply adding elevation to walks.
  • Walking or going for a run – A simple thing such as walking or a run will help you burn those calories with ease.
  1. Packing Everything That Is Needed

I keep some of my workout things always with me, just in case I feel in a mood for a workout on vacation. So my workout clothes, shoes, and workout gears like resistance bands are always in my bag.

  1. Using Hotel Gym

If I get up someday a little early, then the hotel gym is where I go. If there’s no gym in the hotel, then I simply do some floor exercises in the room itself. Getting back to exercise and the adrenaline rush pumps the energy back into me for the remaining trip.

  1. By Going Prepared

I do a lot of research before selecting a place to go. The best thing about visiting different places is that one gets to know about different fitness classes too. Visiting these classes once or twice help in mixing up things a little and getting away from the normal workout routine.

  1. Using A Fitness Tracker

Wearing a fitness tracker at vacations helps me to be on track. If I feel that I haven’t met my goal for the day, I simply go out for a walk exploring the streets or for shopping down the market.

  1. By Not Forgetting Rule Of Two

One should never go for more than two days without workout. So my workout vacation plan remains simple, two days for fun activities with normal cardio stuff, but on the third day, hit the gym floors.

The bottom line is that you should only have the will power in you to burn some calories, because there are many ways to do so rather than the gym routine. So the next time you go for vacation, try adding a few of these tricks to burn down your calories and enjoy a workout on vacation.


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