5 Ways to Speed Up the Muscle Recovery

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Muscle soreness used to be considered desirable by being an indicator of successful training for many. I believe that today, thanks to all the information available, most people know that this is not necessarily true.

As well it is not true that there is nothing we can do about it other than wait patiently for muscles to recover. Quality rest and recovery are necessary for our progress, as well as training and proper nutrition, and we can do a lot in this regard if we try to dedicate a certain amount of time to activities and methods that will contribute to the same.

Therefore I will show you five simple ways to help you speed up muscle recovery. The trick is just to run them regularly and make them an integral part of your long-term training routine to achieve the best results.

1. Active recovery

Regular light physical activity on rest days can really help you reduce muscle soreness. The positive effect is shown primarily through increased blood flow, which is why more nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the desired tissues.

There are several options for incorporating active recovery into your daily routine, from a short dynamic warm-up, a relaxing walk or bike ride, a light workout with your own body weight to performing a light yoga. The basic concept lies in the fact that even on days off from intense training, you simply move more and sit less. Whatever activity you choose, just be careful not to overdo it.

2. Regular or Soft Tissue Massage

It would be ideal to go for a massage once a week to speed up your recovery. However, many of us do not have that option or cannot afford it. A good massage will affect better circulation, reduction of muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

If for any reason you cannot go for a regular massage, consider getting a foam roller or massage ball. There are several types of foam rollers to choose from, from the standard smooth ones to the harder ones. If you are a beginner, you can start with the standard one and progress further. 

This type of soft tissue massage can also be a part of a warm-up and cooldown routine.

3. Relaxing bath

Who doesn’t  enjoy a warm and relaxing bath especially at the end of a busy day? A bath is not only relaxing for our mind, but also relaxes our muscles.

Take a relaxing bath at least two days a week to see positive results.

4. Stretching

You should perform some light stretching on your rest days for 5-10 minutes. It will help you to recover faster, improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of future injuries.

5. Optimal hydration

While it sounds logical optimal hydration is often overlooked. Most people are well aware of the importance of optimal hydration in maintaining strength, endurance, mental focus, and better performance in training, but they are somewhat less aware of its importance for relieving muscle soreness and recovery after training.

To ensure optimal hydration, make sure you drink enough fluids not only before and after training, but also on your rest days.

I hope you liked my five simple ways to help you speed up muscle recovery. For the best results do them on a regular basis and you will start seeing results soon enough.


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