Simple Ways to Speed up Your Metabolism

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Do you wonder why the scale doesn’t move even if you are doing everything right? You are exercising and following a diet, but there’s no progress and it’s so frustrating because you’re really giving your best. You may have fallen into a diet trap or your metabolism has simply slowed down due to heavy diets, which is not so rare.

Metabolism is usually slowed down due to some external or internal factors, and both can be influenced by your actions because they are provoked by everyday habits that are hard to avoid. Find out simple ways to speed up your metabolism and lose weight faster

1. Morning

The first and basic rule of a healthy lifestyle and not just a diet is not to skip breakfast. Get in the habit of eating well in the morning before work. So, make sure you have time to prepare a quality breakfast so that you don’t stop by a nearby bakery for muffins or a chocolate croissant on your way to work.

Breakfast must consist of protein, which will keep you full for a longer time, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. An example of such a breakfast would be a tuna sandwich made from wholemeal bread or scrambled eggs made from one egg yolk and two egg whites, prepared with olive oil. As a third variant of the ideal breakfast, you can also choose cereals with milk or yogurt.

Coffee, in addition to waking you up, has been proven to have an effect that speeds up metabolism by stimulating the central nervous system. 

In addition to coffee, a glass of cold water is good for speeding up the metabolism because it takes time to warm it up to body temperature, and it needs energy for that. So, in addition to helping with hydration, water will help you burn calories.

2. At work

At work, during your  lunch break, choose a dish rich in protein, which will give you a feeling of satiety for a longer period of time, so you will not feel that hungry to reach for snacks. Eat chicken or turkey breast prepared with some olive oil.

With a meal like this, it’s best to drink a cup or two of unsweetened green tea. Green tea contains components that help your body burn 50 calories just by drinking it. 50 calories a day is not much, but if we transfer that figure to a period of one year, you will lose 10 kg by just drinking 2-4 cups of green tea a day. Drink it hot and without additives.

3. In shopping

When you go shopping, refrain from buying unhealthy foods and buy organically grown food. It has been proven that some types of pesticides used on farms are toxic but also contribute to weight gain.

In addition to the usual spices you use, switch to buying and using hot peppers, chillies, peppers and similar. They have been proven to burn calories by speeding up your central nervous system. Add them to tomato sauces, as an ingredient in pizza or in salads as desired.

Women are more prone to iron loss and anemia due to menstrual bleeding every month, and iron is essential for the transfer of oxygen to all cells, including muscles. For that reason you should consume more green leafy vegetables, beans, broccoli and spinach with a vitamin C that helps absorption of iron, and is found in citrus fruits, parsley, berries, etc.

4. During exercise

Even though you exercise every day, did you notice a difference in body weight? Your weight has increased due to the increase in muscle mass, and if you want to be sure that you have burned calories, you should practice exercises for different muscle groups and different time intervals. and aerobic exercises. Do not get stuck in the gym just lifting weights but do some aerobic exercises. Talk to your trainer about the best exercises for losing weight.

Some scientists have proven that consuming fish oil with regular exercise, accelerates the activity of enzymes responsible for fat burn.

5. At home

At home, prepare a meal rich in omega-3 fatty acids (fish) that helps the brain and nervous system, and in addition is rich in vitamin D, which will preserve your muscle tissues and speed up your metabolism.

Last but not least is regular sleep for 8 hours a night to maintain levels of the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which affect your appetite and energy distribution.

Hope you’ve found these simple ways to speed up your metabolism and lose weight faster helpful.


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