5 Clever Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

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If you’ve been wondering about eating out on a diet, do not worry, because flexible dieting is all about flexibility in your food menu. And so, you can stop whining when it comes to eating out. Earlier even I used to be conscious and worried about eating out, but now it feels like what I was doing all this time without even understanding how this diet works.

We flexible dieters are great at tracking food and macros. The only thing we need to do is include some tricks, and then we are all good at going out in restaurants or having dinner at friend’s place even when on a diet.

5 Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

These are few tips that have worked for me, and so I thought it is worth sharing with you.

  1. Plan Ahead

This is something I follow whenever I have a plan to eat out. If I know I’m having my dinner out, then I simply avoid including more calories in my entire day’s meal. You can try fasting for cutting down calories, but fasting is not something that I can do, and so I go for proteins or veggies. This helps in balancing the daily intake of the macros.

  1. Pick From Online Menu

I know this sounds lame, but it helps a lot. Just go through the online menus, and decide what you can have for your lunch or dinner. This has helped me in two ways; firstly, I get an idea about the best dishes served there, and second, I can plan my diet ahead.

  1. Go For Simple Foods

A steak with mashed potatoes and beans is always easier to keep track of than the Spanish tapas extravaganza. But that doesn’t mean I go for a dish that I can cook at home. I simply prefer choosing a dish about which I can guess how it is made and its contents.

  1. Start Guessing

This is something that I have become good at after joining IIFYM club. You need to start guessing at what is contained in the meal you are ordering. If you are keeping track of your macros for quite a while now, then you should be well aware of how much butter or cheese you need for 30 grams of fat, or how a 50 grams of rice bowl looks like. If you are still not aware, then go home and start weighing food items to know about servings.

  1. Accept The Fact That You’ll Never Be 100% Right

Unless you have some ninja technique, you are not going to be totally accurate about the servings. In addition, we have no idea how the chef has cooked the dish (and trust me, every chef has his/her own way). So, it is always better to add some fat while tracking down your meal. I individually prefer adding one tablespoon of oil while noting down.

The bottom line is that life is about enjoying and maintaining balance, and not about dieting. So everything depends on you, like how strict you want your diet to be. You can let yourself loose once in a while, and it won’t have any effect on your health or jeopardize your calorie intake. But if you want to be strict when eating out on a diet, then even that’s cool. At the end, everything depends on how much control you have got on yourself.


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