Adele’s Diet: All About the Sirtfood Diet

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We all heard about Adele, a British singer with a magical voice and plump line, who lost 45 kilograms! Some time ago, Adelle appeared at the party after the Oscars and many of the guests simply did not recognize her!

Adele shared that she had achieved these amazing results by implementing the “Sirtfood diet”. Read all about Adele’s Diet and what nutritionists say about it below.

Adele’s Diet: What is the Sirtfood Diet?

The Sirtfood diet was created by two British nutritionists and is considered a “revolutionary new diet and nutrition plan that includes your ‘lean gene'”.

This diet is based on research published by Libert and Guarante, which studied sirtuins, a group of proteins that regulate a number of bodily functions, including metabolism, inflammatory processes, and lifespan.

The ingredients of some foods can raise the levels of these proteins in the body and that is why they are called “sirtfoods”. 

Here is the list of top 20 sirt foods that were included in Adele’s diet:

  1. Kale
  2. Black wine
  3. Strawberries
  4. Bow
  5. Soy
  6. Parsley
  7. Extra virgin olive oil
  8. Dark chocolate (85% cocoa)
  9. Matcha green tea
  10. Buckwheat
  11. Turmeric
  12. Walnuts
  13. Arugula
  14. Chilli
  15. Lovage
  16. Medjool dates
  17. Red chicory
  18. Blueberries
  19. Capers
  20. Coffee

The Sirtfood diet combines foods from this list and calorie restriction, both of which encourage the body to increase the production of sirtuin. The authors and proponents of this diet claim that this diet ensures rapid weight loss, while maintaining muscle mass and protecting against the development of chronic diseases.

After completing this diet, it is advisable to continue to have regular foods in the diet and consume a green smoothie, which is a trademark of this diet, and about which we will write later.

Adele’s Diet: Is the Sirtfood diet effective?

The authors of the Sirtfood diet state that it is a diet that contributes to weight loss by including a “lean gene” and disease prevention. Unfortunately, there is too little scientific evidence for these theses. Namely, so far there is no evidence that the Sirtfood diet was any more effective than any other restrictive diet.

Also, although most of the foods on the list have health-promoting properties, there is no study conducted on humans that confirms that a diet rich in sirtfood foods has some significant health benefits.

Nutritionists point out that a diet with a very low calorie intake (in this case it is about 1000 kcal per day) and physical activity always causes weight loss, but such loss is not long-lasting.

Namely, when the body is deprived of energy (food), it reaches for glycogen for normal functioning, with the consumption of fat and muscle. Each molecule of glycogen carries 3-4 molecules of water, so when the body consumes glycogen, it gets rid of water. Therefore, weight loss in the first phase of the implementation of such a diet is mostly a loss of accumulated water.

In the first week of extreme caloric restriction, only a third of the loss is related to fat, while the other two-thirds are related to water, muscle and glycogen. As soon as the caloric intake increases, glycogen will withdraw water and the pounds will return.

Unfortunately, in addition to the above, this caloric restriction also causes a slowdown in metabolism, which means that the body needs fewer calories per day for energy. Therefore, the pounds lost like this usually return very quickly, as soon as the diet is over.

adeles diet

How do you do Sirtfood diet?

Sirtfood diet consists of 2 phases lasting a total of 3 weeks. After that, it is advisable to have as many sirtfood foods as possible in the usual diet. During the implementation of the diet, the three most important foods are matcha green tea, butterbur and buckwheat, which are difficult for many to find at all.

An important place in the sirtfood diet is a green smoothie that is drunk 1-3 times a day. And here is the recipe for the Adele’s diet smoothie:

75 g of kale

30 g arugula

5 grams of parsley

2 stalks of celery

1 cm of ginger

½ a green apple

½ a lemon

½  a teaspoon of green tea matcha (buy HERE)

Put all the ingredients except the matcha and lemon in a blender and blend, then pour into a glass. Squeeze the lemon by hand and add to the matcha and mix everything well. Consume immediately.

Phase 1

The first phase lasts 7 days and includes a strong calorie restriction and a green smoothie. The goal at this stage is to make a big drop in weight, and according to the authors’ estimates, about 3.2 kilograms are lost in this phase in the first 7 days.

During the first 3 days, calorie intake is limited to 1000 kcal, drink a green smoothie and eat only 1 meal. On the days 4.-7. in the first stage, caloric intake is increased to 1500, 2 green smoothies are drunk per day and 2 meals containing sirtfoods.

Phase 2

The second phase lasts 2 weeks and is the maintenance phase, with a continuous weight loss. This phase has no specified calorie limit, but you eat 3 meals with sirtfood and drink 1 smoothie.

After performing these two phases, the diet is repeated until the desired body weight is achieved. Also, those who do not repeat the diet are advised to have as much cheese as possible in their diet and to consume green smoothies regularly.

Adele’s Diet: How healthy and sustainable is the Sirtfood diet?

Sirtfood foods are certainly nutritionally rich and have a number of positive health effects. For example, dark chocolate is rich in cocoa, and it is rich in antioxidants that protect against heart disease and inflammatory processes. Green tea lowers the risk of stroke and diabetes and helps regulate blood pressure. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, etc. But studies on the positive effects of sirtuin on humans are in their infancy, although those on animals have promising results (Giblin et al.).

However, what should be pointed out is that a diet of 1000 kcal per day should not be carried out without a doctor’s supervision. Even 1500 kcal will not be easy for many to implement and weakness and similar other disturbances due to lack of energy will occur.

Furthermore, this diet is largely based on a green smoothie which can be a good source of vitamins and minerals, but is also rich in sugars and with little healthy fiber that exists in whole fruits and vegetables. Consuming such a smoothie several times a day will not have a good effect on overall or on dental health.

Then, since it is a matter of restricting both calories and a large number of foods, too low a protein intake easily occurs, especially during the first phase. Due to the very low caloric intake, three weeks of implementation of this diet will be unbearable for many.

Adele’s Diet Review

Although there are drastic calorie restrictions, this diet should not cause any significant side effects in healthy individuals. However, people with diabetes should not follow this diet because of the possible impact on changes in blood sugar levels, especially in the first days of the diet.

Intake of 1000-1500 kcal per day can still cause these side effects (other than hunger): fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration, nervousness and drowsiness.

Therefore, Adele’s Diet or the Sirtfood diet, although it consists of “healthy foods“, cannot be called a healthy diet plan, and since its results and effects have not yet been confirmed in science, we consider it another “hit” among diets that should be skipped.


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