Men and Women Approach Weight Loss Differently

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According to research men training has been shown to achieve results faster than in women. People usually exercise because of different reasons. Some want to make their shape better and look glamorous while others want to lose weight to remain healthy and fit. They believe that leading a healthy lifestyle will make them strong and help to protect them from various risks caused by a high body weight. 

Women have been shown to approach training and diet differently than men and this seems to affect the final results of doing the training. It is known that women are likely to panic because of everything and therefore, in these periods of panic they are not likely to do a lot of consideration of the training program they want to take in order to remain fit and strong. Below are some of the reasons that affect their approach to training.

Women’s exposure to magazines

I have been going through a lot of magazines on health and have discovered that most of them are misleading and even don’t incorporate science in them. They only display elegant bodies of women in the bikini and model shapes. This is likely to lure women more into adopting some of the healthy lifestyles described in the magazine which usually does not work. Some of the magazines will prescribe using a certain diet program. 

According to what I know from science is that bodies respond differently to various diets and therefore, the women uptake on what the magazines describe, sometimes make them be left confused after adopting what they thought would make them fit only to discover it failed. Also, some magazines describe that exercise must be too complex and serious. This makes women falloff in between when it doesn’t work out as fast as they thought and yet they are having intense training.

Women believe that eating less means weight loss

Through research, I discovered that many women who desire to lose weight think that for you to be fit and strong; you need to eat less food as a form of a healthy lifestyle. They believe that at last this will work out easily and make them have the lean body mass they desire. This approach is different from that of men because for it to work I recommend that it should be combined with other supporting habits. 

For example, women reduce food intake but they don’t remember that it will starve them and later on they will rush to eating snacks and chocolates which affects the dieting program and finally it does not work. I recommend to any woman who is dieting to ensure that she does not starve herself to an extent of not having the energy to do other training that is usually combined with dieting. Therefore, I advise that you ensure that you maintain a proper balance between food intake and metabolism while at the same time you combine with training exercises for it to work faster.

Perception of calories intake

I discovered that women believe that reducing calories is the best healthy lifestyle for them to be fit and healthy. However, low calorie diet for weeks has been shown to cause side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and even gallstones. This usually causes them to stop the program. They also believe in the habit of counting calories forgetting that sometimes labels can lie and that what mostly matters is the balance between intake and burning of the calories.

Belief in cleanse methods

One big mistake I have found women do is using cleansing methods as a way of becoming fit. This is a wrong perception of a healthy lifestyle because the use of cleanses and detoxes is usually meant for a short term before switching to other methods and again they are no better than natural cleansing methods.


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