10 Trips Every Woman Should Take In Their 40’s

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Now that I am getting close to my 40’s, I thought I would write an article about 10 trips every woman should take in their 40’s. 

Did you hear that the forties are the new twenties? Women today enjoy their age and many of them in their 40’s start to add things up. What they did, what they missed, where everything was and what they saw… Somehow over the years we start to add and subtract, some of us change our lives just then because they realize that time flies. We start a new career, we start with a healthier life, we start doing things to our liking and we stop burdening ourselves with what someone else will say. We just don’t want to wait for the next few years to make our dreams come true and be like some people who say at the end of their lives that “at least I did it”.

Surely among women there are those who love to travel, but somehow you always leave them aside. “I’ll go another time,” “just to make the little one grow a little” or “now it’s more important for me to buy a new couch” are just some of the typical excuses, while others with a designer handbag say “you’re so lucky how much you travel”, and the price of the trip is less than that bag, which will go out of fashion next season. Only memories remain forever, only experiences have lasting value.

So that you don’t have to regret what you missed, we suggest a few trips that you will surely remember and that will make you happy to have experienced and lived through them.


This is probably one of the first things people do when they start traveling – camping. They put a backpack with a tent on their backs and head somewhere, to an island or to a distant land and sleep under the stars wrapped only in a tent above. When you are young, you don’t mind anything, it’s easier to endure everything, including camping. Some then fall in love with this feeling of connection with nature for the rest of their lives, others discover that it is not for them. But you should definitely try camping at least once in your life.

Though if you are looking for a camping with more style and comfort, you should look into glamping.


It might sound scary or too lonely to travel solo somewhere. What will I do, who will bother me, how will I do everything myself? Easy. If you can’t cope on your own in a new situation, on unfamiliar terrain with unknown people, how will you cope in life? You won’t always have someone to rely on. Become independent, stop being afraid to do something on your own, without the support of others. If you love yoga, go to a yoga resort on your own. Go alone for a couple of days to a big city or on a group trip (but not with anyone you know). Go alone, do things without compromise.


They say the real test of friendship is a trip together. Go with your friends for a week at sea. Or maybe for a trip to Paris, Milan, or Berlin. You’re not close to someone until you’ve shared a common space, or 24 hours a day for a few days, so it’s time to do so.


When you were younger, the idea of traveling with your parents stopped being interesting the moment you started choosing your own t-shirt and meals. But now that you’re an adult, why not take your parents on a weekend trip? At least to Venice or Vienna, somewhere close to start if they can’t afford to travel long. Many seniors are reluctant to travel, but when you tell them you’ve bought tickets and booked accommodation, they’ll want to travel so the booking is not wasted. It’s a shame it fails, isn’t it?


It doesn’t have to be a honeymoon, a romantic trip with a partner at any stage of life is something wonderful. Just the two of you, on a beach. Or maybe in some woods, depending on what romance is for the two of you. It is important that you are together and do things together. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can experience romance with a trip to Venice, Plitvice or Paris.


Refill your gas tank, plan a route and get going. Travel wherever you want, whether it’s in US from east to west, Australia or Italy.


Buy a train ticket to travel by train through Europe, Japan or the US. Travel by Trans-Siberian Railway. Do something you never did before- swim with dolphins, try ziplines, skydiving, or just go to a country where no one speaks English.


You should also treat yourself to luxury at least once in your lifetime, rent a room with a sea view and a high-class hotel, sip cocktails at the lounge by the pool. And then do crazy shopping. 


Forget suitcases and hotels, put a backpack on your back and book hostels. Eat on the road, ride local buses, sleep in tents or at someone’s house. Try not to buy souvenirs, clothes or food, and focus on saving as much as possible. Maybe go without a plan, without a reservation. It is often the best. It’s still cheap in Burma, Cambodia or Laos, why not visit these destinations on a low budget.


Travel somewhere with a specific goal – to educate yourself or to help someone. Try volunteering, finish culinary school or take a diving or surfing course.



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