Top Health Trends in 2021

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2021 will be a challenging year, while we expect a lot from it – a return to normal life, without restrictions and risk of infection.

While it is already clear that this most optimistic scenario will be difficult to achieve, I bring you my predictions – what we can expect in 2021 and which health trends will dominate.

1. People will talk more openly about their mental health

health trends 2021

The pandemic and lockdown have affected mental health for many. Many of us suffer from insomnia, fears, anxiety, but also existential fears due to the inability to work and earn for a living. In the general state of crisis, we expect that in 2021, mental problems and conditions in which many find themselves will be discussed more openly.

Depression and anxiety should not be taboo subjects but a health problem to be faced and treated like any other physical illness for which you would visit a doctor. Open discussion on the topics of mental health will certainly be a positive trend that will, I hope, help many people and raise awareness. 

2. Fitness centers will not open for some time, and even when they do open, people will not rush into them

health trends 2021

Authorities are extending the measures and keeping the doors of fitness and sports centers closed. Most fitness enthusiasts turned to home training with online trainers.

Aware of the situation, many people have invested in home gym equipment and doing their own workouts at home. Also, trainers are offering online classes and there’s also a number of available video training sessions that allow people training at home as a way of keeping themselves fit until fitness centers open. Additionally, the fear of infection, as long as a pandemic exists, is also one of the factors that will affect the slow return of people to fitness centers.

3. People will cook more at home

health trends 2021

I believe that, even after the pandemic is over, many will continue to cook at home. From healthy desserts, homemade bread and a range of other healthy meals, many people took advantage of the lockdown time to try new healthy foods that they hadn’t before.

I believe that this trend of cooking at home will surely continue during 2021, especially as cooking at home is both healthier and cheaper than meals in the restaurants.

4. People will spend more time in nature

health trends 2021

Whether it’s a neighborhood park or a forest we have nearby, we all go out into nature for walks, hiking, and enjoying the fresh air. More than ever, nature symbolizes safety and health, even for those who had never appreciated nature before.

In 2021, I expect that this positive trend of staying outdoors, in parks, forests, or any green areas that are close to us, will continue.

5. People will buy more from local producers will continue

health trends 2021

It started last year, and I expect that this trend will continue in 2021 because other than supporting local farmers and producers, people are now looking for higher quality food products.

Although we hope that 2021 will be better, healthier, calmer and safer than 2020, in many ways that year will depend on us and how we treat our health. Therefore, let us try to learn lessons from 2020 and use them in 2021 for our own well-being and health.



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